From Prison to President

7 Ways to Succeed in Your Second Chance

After 10 years of being property of the Department of Corrections, Tanaine Jenkins was able to find success in her second chance by following seven simple but practical steps. In From Prison to President she shares stories of her journey and the steps that she took to rewrite her own story. From creating a solid plan, to never giving up, Tanaine was successfully able to start two businesses with no funding and little help. From her success she seeks to provide returning citizens with the tools and knowledge to be successful in their second chance. 

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Our goal with Everything I Am is to bring awareness to a crisis that has been ignored in our nation. Recidivism has plagued our country for generations, and the reality is much more complicated than the Bureau of Justice makes it out to seem. The tendency to relapse into a condition or mode of behavior can be challenging to understand. Still, for those with a criminal past, it can be impossible to find success in reentry. We at Everything I Am aim to be more than a brand, but a community for people of all walks of life to come to and be accepted no matter their past. We understand that when it comes to changing your life, studies show it is important that returning citizens continue to see the effect of positivity in the community around them.